follow your dreams

follow your dreams

leave behind what no longer fits what no longer clothes your beating heart detach from sentiments let them fall gently back to the land in the home where they rest they stay you go for you know that objects can be replaced happiness, adventure and passion will flourish where mountains move you to communicate to […]

Can a summer camp simplify your life? – plus giveaway

simple living summer camp

As a child many summer days were spent outside, in nature. If my sisters and I weren’t swimming, then we were hiking or playing wiffle ball in the backyard, spending time by the fire watching the mysterious flames until they became nothing more than a bed of hot coals, reading in our climbing tree, and […]


plain poem

simple things are hard to find on store shelves full of stuff stuffed with mass produced boxes colorful images branded into brains following ads jingles buy buy buy and we fall for awhile like alice in wonderland plummeting into the dreamlands of buttons functions unlimited choices overwhelmed blurry-eyed more coffee please stay awake to shop […]

It’s okay to go home without a souvenir

travel lightly

Homesteading for more than eight years, further from society and closer to nature, has given us invaluable lessons in life and death. Goats can easily give birth without much, if any, assistance. Baby ducks cannot swim successfully until they are about eight weeks old if they are raised without a momma quack, i.e. until they […]

Landscape changes across borders: a native traveler’s casual discernments in Transcentral Europe – part 3

everything is connected

It was time to introduce our daughter to the feel, not only a storybook notion of mature forest. Nearby our home, but generally speaking in the larger Szeged area, or expanding the scale even further out to the Great Plains of Hungary, what they commonly refer to as forest is nothing more than a one […]

ego ergo sum


I me mine the mantra goes and egos elbow for space a father opens the bus window wider little regard to his own child behind the mother runs her fake nails through the locks of her alter ego she doesn’t nurture she just satisfies herself gold suspended from the little girl’s earlobes pink on her […]

Landscape changes across borders: a native traveler’s casual discernments in Transcentral Europe – part 2

old water mill in Torockó

Cul-de-sac, key in the gate to its balls, as instructed, and the gate opens – to the honorary chores of the first of the season visitors. Grass and further down, by the little creek, semi-aquatic plants with large foliage up to the waist. My homesteader instincts arise the desire to grab a scythe and carefully […]

Landscape changes across borders: a native traveler’s casual discernments in Transcentral Europe – part 1

landscape in locomotion

A cloth handkerchief drops heavy on the table by me and I hear steady sniffing behind – ironically they call this hay fever, when in fact it should rather be referred to as straw, chaff or simply grain fever – a reaction of the natural body to the entirely artificial monoculture of various agribusiness crops. […]

why do

why do

why do people leave beautiful places diverse prairies hand plastered walls cob homes with stories to tell by the fireside to those who will listen nobody is listening why do people eat mindlessly feed devoid of nutrients to be full of sweet sickness love affair with preserved flavors souls are starving why do people save […]

The Beautiful Slowness of Travel by Foot

walk because you have the time

Airplanes transport people and luggage, cars take you places fast, trains from point A to point B, but your feet will take you wherever you want to go. When you travel slowly you become aware of the environment, local customs and the weather. It makes you open your eyes, whether you like it or not. […]