Who’s behind this? – an unabridged self-portrait of cohesion

who's behind this

Cheryl and I, Roland, the creators of this lifestyle blog, Handcraftedtravellers, have already described, defined our philosophy, ethos, ethics, material culture, relation to ownership, so our work as life unfolds in real time and presents situations that need to be faced. In other words we have introduced ourselves as creative thinkers and doers, as intuitive […]


intuition shows the way

… and still going… As if years ago, when Cheryl and I created Handcraftedtravellers we did not simply give a name to an online journal with the unspoken purpose of introducing the world to a novel concept of vacationing sustainably, in a carefree yet responsible way, something that – by the pushes of fate and […]

Machine epidemiology

untouch machines

I have noticed a psychological phenomenon lingering around us and the machines we are using: repeat exposure to the sound of throttle lures a majority of handlers into an overuse and eventually into an abuse. One will see (and have) the same machine just go longer, do more work that way… And pretty soon, as […]

So, what does a sustainable life designer do?

sustainable life designer

Have you even heard of such as sustainable life design or anyone practicing it – for a living? Oh, of course, I mean the question to be a playful riddle… And the upside-down correct answer is that you haven’t only heard of sustainable life designer as occupation, but have already “met” two of them occupying […]

Self-made, handmade, with regard to context and respect to freedom

self-made handmade

What does one make of this… right? Say, a scarf or whatever else one may fancy. And then there is the method of doing it. I chose crocheting. Because of its remote familiarity, the simplicity of creation involved. Almost as if something from my ancestry as a human hooked and pulled me in. Yet, first […]

urban prowl for inspiration

urban steps

chaga-chaga choo-choo in to a tunnel out to a cast capital overcast a soft lid but no visible silver lining capital city stage the cast is everyone we don’t know and us enchanted looks smiling at phone screens up to the castle and mostly straight ahead in-troversion got socks now ready for wool time runs […]

Simple fingerless mitts – knit your own!

simple fingerless mitts

Practical, stylish and perfect for fall or spring, fingerless mitts can be found from the hills of the countryside all the way to the bustling city streets. You can buy them anywhere, but the ones you knit will develop character with the many stitches, quite possibly leaving you with a desire to create a matching […]