Spinning without a wheel or spindle

the art of spinning with your hands

Don’t let the lack of tools inhibit you from creating. It doesn’t take a spindle or a spinning wheel to make yarn, but the knowledge of handspinning will certainly help. If your fingers know how to twist and the prepared fiber is at hand, a length of yarn can be truly hand spun. Recently I sold […]

To be inspired by nature…

lichen on hawthorn

… you have to get out in it. Immerse yourself in unique sun risings and large luminous moonscapes. Invest in the future and plant saplings native to your landscape. Walk every day (as often as possible) no matter what the weather. Get to know the flora and fauna and appreciate the many and varied uses […]

The power of hand tools

hands at work

Hand tools are the means of communication of choice between materials and you when it comes to the kind of thorough work that allows for spending time over details such as: deep understanding of the material self-respect health consciousness pleasurable labor self-development through meaningful learning I was asked to help knock down a one layer […]

Pencil-animated emotions

crying fish

chants into the thick morning fog twirls of your dancing figure jumps with explosive landing touches of your healing hands crescents spotted in the bright sky Mummy-Mummy all day long just pinning yourself to the universe securely like the grip of your fingertips on pencil focus on paper space rocket rips through it and emotions […]

8 ways to live with less…

live with less

Living with less (of everything) is exciting! It can help replenish your health, restore your faith in kindness and good deeds, strengthen relationships and even improve your cooking skills by using fewer ingredients. Whittle down to little, focus on what you actually have and begin to express gratitude from there. Live with: less additives – […]

From sense of home to sense of place and back

fireweed blossom

Home is where happiness resides. Much more does a true home mean than just that thin- or thick-walled physical structure you inherit, the shelter from nature’s rough-on-the-skin elements, the blinds that provide a respite from society’s demands. A home is itself a living organism the life-resonance of which the more time you spend in, the […]

This simple day

this simple day

On this simple day thoughts are racing in my head, going places far and beyond possibilities of current times. We are here, but not there – the there where we desire to be. Life is rushed and slow all the same, it highly depends on how one feels in the moment. With the fog covering […]

Nothing is too little to share

sharing without counting

It seems quite instinctual for the human nature stripped from greed – selflessness being a volatile trait perhaps, yet one that many of us can and do genuinely embrace at least on occasion –  to either offer for share or accept the invitation to the potluck of abundance, the celebration of the cornucopia, the much, […]

on the farm


one day the wind flies in from the sea the next morning pushed away by the clouds connecting with the tides and the moon she is full and bright tonight everyone sleeps the sheep on the hill graze munch, chew, jump the fence for the greener bites ushered back by motor barks and feet arms […]

Be resourceful. Use what you have.

be resourceful

If you think you can’t manage without an internet connection, think again. If you believe you can’t make ends meet on your last bit of money, then perhaps you won’t, but you can. Life will inevitably throw struggle after respite, yet there is one thing you can always hang on to: a strong sense of […]