mastering the art of simple living

Mastering the Art of Simple Living

A simple life is a beautiful one. We know that first hand, as it is the meaningful life path we choose to live day by day. Our days are spent cooking and crafting, conversing and dreaming about a sustainable future lived as part of nature. It is … [Read more]

urban steps

urban prowl for inspiration

chaga-chaga choo-choo in to a tunnel out to a cast capital overcast a soft lid but no visible silver lining capital city stage the cast is everyone we don't know and us enchanted looks smiling at phone screens up to the castle and mostly … [Read more]


There is a minimalist in every one of us

We fill our lives with material objects that we want in order to hide the lack of intangible things we really need. Have a deep think about this for a moment. Does it apply to your own life or can you recognize it in someone else that you care … [Read more]

simple fingerless mitts

Simple fingerless mitts – knit your own!

Practical, stylish and perfect for fall or spring, fingerless mitts can be found from the hills of the countryside all the way to the bustling city streets. You can buy them anywhere, but the ones you knit will develop character with the many … [Read more]

Csermely grove

There is reason in a forest

It gives me great pleasure to even think about my main money earning job of the last over half a year, which is planting trees - let alone to be out there doing it. In the relative heat, relative cold, always dynamic and - to use a favorite word of … [Read more]

what to do without technology

When technology breaks down

Technology inspires us every day. In fact we have come to count on it as a constant form of communication and entertainment. It allows us to share ideas without restrained borders and bytes are transferred in real time, yet technology remains … [Read more]

carrier to bags

Mei Tai meets pajama shirt in a transformation

It was back in March of 2012 when we first shared with you our then newly finished, handmade Mei Tai type baby carrier in form of a free pattern - admittedly our most widely read and shared blog post ever since. Our daughter, Csermely was one year … [Read more]

simplify your life in 5 easy steps

How to simplify your life in 5 easy steps

Many of us realize an urgent need to simplify, especially on the brink of a quickly approaching new year. We may feel increasingly dissatisfied with our quality of life, whilst feeling left out of society - interacting in our day to day dealings … [Read more]