This simple day

this simple day

On this simple day thoughts are racing in my head, going places far and beyond possibilities of current times. We are here, but not there – the there where we desire to be. Life is rushed and slow all the same, it highly depends on how one feels in the moment. With the fog covering […]

Nothing is too little to share

sharing without counting

It seems quite instinctual for the human nature stripped from greed – selflessness being a volatile trait perhaps, yet one that many of us can and do genuinely embrace at least on occasion –  to either offer for share or accept the invitation to the potluck of abundance, the celebration of the cornucopia, the much, […]

on the farm


one day the wind flies in from the sea the next morning pushed away by the clouds connecting with the tides and the moon she is full and bright tonight everyone sleeps the sheep on the hill graze munch, chew, jump the fence for the greener bites ushered back by motor barks and feet arms […]

Be resourceful. Use what you have.

be resourceful

If you think you can’t manage without an internet connection, think again. If you believe you can’t make ends meet on your last bit of money, then perhaps you won’t, but you can. Life will inevitably throw struggle after respite, yet there is one thing you can always hang on to: a strong sense of […]

consumer spirit

consumer spirit

we cheer for low prices for deep discounts and more stuff believing that frugality pinching pennies and pence is the way to survive it is merely a way of staying alive afloat in a sea of clutter we are burying our own kin in faraway places we will never travel to not on any whim […]

In joy of life

joy of life

Joy of life is a state of mind, rather than circumstances issue and if you start truly believing this, you realize that accessing happiness is – if not entirely – but largely dependent on your perception of the world. All of a sudden you find yourself deeply immersed not in a neutral only environment waiting […]

Another manifesto from us

i think with my heart wm

  This simple living manifesto is also available as printable wall art in decorative font from our Etsy shop. Sign up for our free weekly newsletter for more inspirations of living a simple and beautiful life!

not like you – Who is Cheryl Mirth?

Who is Cheryl Mirth?

I’m not like you I won’t fit in your shoe and you won’t fit in mine our footprints are different that’s a fact I don’t use toothpaste you haven’t brushed with twigs of fruit or other nut trees try it one day and you may see that they work just fine better than washing your […]

Simple living manifesto

Simple living manifestp

Simple living means distinct things to different people – there are numberless ways to (re)discover happiness with less. Our simple living manifesto is rooted in self-reliance and the ability to take care of yourself as well as the Earth. A healthy life is the handcrafted product of a carefully curated existence, always keeping ecology in […]

Ecotopia in a metropolis

urban ecotopia

We are short time visitors in Paris at the moment. Oddly enough, we put ourselves into a metropolitan transitory waiting room between two different calms: the one of our previous homestead in Hungary and the one we expect to find – even if not right away – in Scotland. We wedged the steel Eiffel tower […]