3 Essential Herbal Teas Every Woman Must Know

Since moving to the homestead and delving into the local flora, I found out quite accidentally at first that we have bushels of Urtica dioica aka stinging nettle lurking around the property, ouch!

Put the rashes aside and learn how to harvest it in spring (wearing gloves and wielding a pair of scissors) and it makes for one tasty tea. Rich in iron, potassium, vitamins A and C as well as having trace minerals it is an all around energy booster.

Additionally it can be a great substitute for spinach in any recipe – in quiche, pesto, even nettle soup!

Rubus idaeus raspberry leaf makes one of the best tasting teas – in my not so humble opinion. We drink it year round and it is particularly enjoyable in hot summer months served chilled from the well (refrigerator works too!).

“Of special note are the rich concentration of vitamin C, the presence of vitamin E and the easily assimilated calcium and iron. Raspberry leaves also contain vitamins A and B complex and many minerals, including phosphorous and potassium.” – Susun Weed, herbalist

It definitely helped me throughout my pregnancy and labor was quite smooth, thanks to the toning properties of the uterus.

Lastly there is Trifolium pratense red clover. A wonderful little gem for hormonal imbalances since it contains isoflavones, plant based chemicals that produce estrogen like effects in the body.

and as an infusion

The fresh leaves can be added to salads and breads. Why not try it chopped up as a healthy addition to your Eggs Benedict, in season of course!


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  1. says

    I tried red clover tea late in the season last year and it tasted like mushrooms to me. I’m a die-hard mushroom lover but as tea… not so much. I’ll be trying again this summer.

    For us, mullein tea is a neccessity. It acts as an expectorant and the taste is agreeable even to the kids. It was very helpful with this year’s nasty colds. I also loved making tea out of pineapple weed and wood sorrel, the mix of the two tastes a lot like apple juice. I haven’t tried pine needle tea yet, but I’ve heard good things about that too.

    And nettles are wonderful! I can’t wait for season. Nettle pasta, soup… so much good stuff.

    • Cheryl says

      Interesting, our red clover tasted a little bit like alfalfa, try harvesting early for better flavor. In our pantry we have 30+ herbs that we use throughout the year, so there is a lot more to write about! Thanks for reminding me to the mullein, it grows somewhere on our property and we have never thought to use it.

      For 5 years now Roland and I have not used a single medication, instead we are using reflexology and acupressure as well as trying to eat as healthy as possible. Let’s hope (and work) that we can have a great garden this year.