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Who is our target audience?

  • Natural parents
  • Radical Homemakers
  • Homesteaders, both urban and rural
  • Natural fiber enthusiasts – wool, organic cotton, linen, hemp and those interested in plant dyes
  • Knitters and felters
  • Do-it-yourself independent thinkers
  • Organic gardeners
  • Unschoolers/Worldschoolers/Interest-led learners
  • Stay at home families who cook gluten-free from scratch
  • Anyone interested in sustainable/responsible family travel

Speaking engagements:

Cheryl, Csermely and Roland Magyar are available as a family for interviews, appearances and speaking engagements. We are happy to lecture about sustainable travel, the importance of compostable clothing, the inspirations of homesteading with nature and creating a sustainable world.

Contact us at handcraftedtravellers{at}gmail{dot}com to schedule a presentation with us.


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