From Blanket to Vest Upcycle Project

One growing baby. A project revisited.

Before our child was born (it was unknown whether it would be a he or a she) so we tried to make gender neutral clothing. It has been so much of a success that people are still asking – is it a boy? or a girl?

four months old, already smiling big!

Csermely’s hair is growing, her teeth are coming in and the words are coming out is a sing-song voice, unmistakably a girl!

The blanket I knitted way back when was not a huge success. It was too long and too narrow, not ideal for keeping a baby warm in winter. When something doesn’t work – fix it. So over the past week, an hour here, an hour there, I undid the blanket and used this pattern (with some modifications to make it larger) to knit a new vest for Csermely. Pocket included.

tea cup - crochet stick

When the buttons (made by her grandfather) were sewn on, it was ready for presenting to the little one.

handmade wood buttons

The look on her face was one of excitement, something new! Roland took his part in helping it on…

buttoning down!

and then the little model took to her business – ripping paper – her new favorite activity.

a little smile for the camera

no back pocket, maybe next time!

Working with this Pakucho organic cotton yarn, whether knitting or crocheting, is such a joy. Worsted weight seems to be the best for me and my style, however I can’t wait to get my hands on some weaving yarn as well…

…oh, the projects to come!!!



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