A life well lived… in rural Romania

Traveling into the future
advancing back in time
and in place
to where the hazels grow wild
and the bears and boars do roam.

Such a habitat still exists
holding strong
amidst the chaos of consumers and overproducers
a place with roots
not to be taken for granted.

Simplicity is found
among the haystacks
along the curving flow of the rushing creek
and in the slowness
of a life lived intentionally.


You might be wondering how we came to live and love life in Breb… and how does esse really unfold in a rural Romanian setting? For starters, the four seasons are well defined, providing structure for the entire year – at the same time fostering traditions for the locals:

Winter – the landscape is often covered with a blanket of snow or frost, while we sit inside our wooden house, burning locally harvested wood for warmth (and to cook upon) as we dream about upcoming workshops and a sustainable future.

Spring – is the time when the creek rushes with melted crystals from higher up the mountain and forest slopes, the first mushrooms and young nettles are emerging as essential minerals and nutrients for our health.

Summer – while others are harvesting hay for their animals as far as the eye can see, our diverse organic garden in combination with our foraging experience will be providing food from underfoot.

Fall – slowing down, taking it all in, hiking in the outskirts of the village, enjoying the late autumn sun and dreaming of winter fun!

Discovering this unique place has been an experience in itself. By the very nature of our being, we (Roland, Cheryl and Csermely) have always been attracted to quiet places where it is possible to think – and to be – without the constraints and expectations of a consumer-driven society. To come across such a calm space in a modern society is like inhaling fresh air for the first time and marveling at what a magic elixir it is. People here are kind beyond words and actions, they are curious, hard-working, yet they are keen to dive into technology if given the chance. While technology can bridge the gap between generations and among nations, it is a tool that must be used wisely.

In our 10+ years of homesteading here and in Hungary, along with two years spent abroad in Scotland and England, we have come to understand that we are true minimalists here on Earth – we take pride in owning enough for our survival, with just a bit more to make life pleasurable. Anything in excess is unnecessary, that is, if we are keeping sustainability in mind. With deepest regards towards the environment, we choose to live simply, so that we may all enjoy a certain quality of life (ocean, freshwater, swamp, land and air creatures included).

With every purchase in life we are making an impact: big or small, never none at all. We have spent a decade creating a new life for ourselves that focuses on happiness, gratitude and an eco-footprint that puts nature in the forefront.

Are you ready to find balance between what you buy, how you work, where you live and what you enjoy in life?

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