Shampoo alternatives aka “no poo”

Why do we really use shampoo? I get that it is part of a large cultural issue, we must keep ourselves clean after all, but then what is clean?? Clean is being fresh, washed, perhaps dried, then brushed or combed and smelling neutral, like a human being. That is the basic clean.

Modern shampoos, however, do everything for us: they shine, they straighten, they curl, they may even dye your hair, they can leave you smelling like strawberries on high or an ocean mist (whatever that smells like?!)…so in essence they make you smell “good” and make your hair do what you want it to do. The downside is that they are full of chemicals of names you may or may not be able to pronounce, some potentially causing cancer or allergic reactions and they destroy your hair’s natural balance forcing you to become reliant on some kind of commercial counterpart or another.

Stop for a moment and think about how long shampoos have been around. People must have washed their hair long before the poo was invented in the early 1900’s. In a natural sense Native American Indians washed their long hairs in a river, we wash ours in a pot with hot water and a tea (chamomile, rosemary, nettle) or apple cider vinegar rinse.

One of my favorite crunchy sites, Crunchy Betty, has a lot to say about no poo and natural hair care in general.

And the most informative post about living without shampoo you will find right here at Simple Mom with a recipe of how to use a baking soda paste, followed by an apple cider vinegar rinse. Note: do not try to make a volcano on your head! The baking soda gets rinsed out first.

There is more than one kind of clean, it is entirely up to you how you go about it.

Have you gone “no poo” or have any great natural recipes like a banana smoothie for your tresses? If so, I would love to see it in the comments!

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