Spring Reflections

create moments ¦  be grateful  ¦ capture memories ¦  journey to the land of simple living ¦  let go of the past to invent a brilliant future sit and wait reflect growth

sit and search
the places you already know
bursting with energy
ready to jump at the chance
to fish
with a reed
risking the dry clay

a snake swims by
friendly, you know
on his way
of dry branches
in the breeze
the end of one season
into the other

look closer
reeds are following their call
up to the sky
creatures are diving below
joyous at the chance
for a new life
just as we
are ready to move on
with ours

live simply ¦ live lightly ¦ live well

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Organic coffee lover, knitter and weaver of natural things, spinner of hemp and wool, stitcher of handmade garments, real food eater, gluten-free advocate, conservationist, homesteader, simple living enthusiast and so much more!


  1. Love the photos and poem! Thanks-