not like you – Who is Cheryl Mirth?

Who is Cheryl Mirth?

I’m not like you I won’t fit in your shoe and you won’t fit in mine our footprints are different that’s a fact I don’t use toothpaste you haven’t brushed with twigs of fruit or other nut trees try it one day and you may see that they work just fine better than washing your […]

Simple living manifesto

Simple living manifestp

Simple living means distinct things to different people – there are numberless ways to (re)discover happiness with less. Our simple living manifesto is rooted in self-reliance and the ability to take care of yourself as well as the Earth. A healthy life is the handcrafted product of a carefully curated existence, always keeping ecology in […]

Words for a Wednesday Morning

wordful wednesdaycrop

Every week I take nearly a hundred pictures, yet sometimes it is what I read that stirs up something in my heart. This was my favorite statement from recent days gone by, enjoy!