Digital Detox Workshops in Breb, Romania

We are offering two ten-day (9+1) workshops this summer for the natural living enthusiasts out there.

Are you one of those total of twenty (10 people per workshop) devoted, curious, environmentally literate adults who seek practical yet artful solutions for the everyday life in a rural setting?

In other words have you decided to live in the countryside and – regardless of your background – have a good grasp of what it takes to have a fulfilling life with nature in the heart and self-reliance in mind?

You and us (Cheryl, Roland with our seven-year-old mature daughter Csermely), are equally convinced how urgent it is for our spiritual, mental and emotional sanity that, following the necessary paradigm shift, we take matters in our creative, productive hands and implement the change we desire to see in our lives.

These workshops are for the well-balanced, well-rounded and -grounded agile individuals who are ready to leap, without further convincing. We all know the why, you just need to see a how for yourself. We are eager to share our how with you.

While they are going to be thoroughly healing and health-promoting, our digital detox workshops are not intended as therapeutic retreats by any means, so please don’t treat them as such.

Please note, our premises are strictly gluten-free. Thank you.

What you receive:

9 days of 8 hour/day intense workshop time, with a commonly prepared and consumed lunch at our house and yard, or on outings into the verdant landscape surrounding our home village, Breb.

1 day somewhere in the middle you will be off, on your own, to reflect, recreate as you best feel fit.


(2 days)

In a large part of the world, homesteading revolves around the art of wood-burning with all aspects it entails, from responsible woodland management through tailoring fire intensity exactly to your needs, to merging your playful soul with that of the fire. For two days we’ll explore this hands- and heads-on, feeding our creativity and bellies alike in the process… (hike to the “woodlands”, cross-sawing in pairs, splitting, lighting a fire in the stove, tool and stove maintenance, cooking on wood-burning stove, candle dipping)

(2 days)

Symbiontic food provision – growing food in symbiosis with the wild nature of the locale. Doing so slowly, extensively, soul- and artfully. We’ll look at the nutrients and explore flavor, not size and shape. Activating, preserving food via fermentation, canning and dehydration.

(2 days)

Foraging for what you know: wild plants for food, spices and herbs, mushrooms, clay.

Good for what and prepared in what ways?

(3 days)

Weaving with willow, training and guidance from our French partner(s). Practical and beautiful objects beyond baskets, things that you can take home and make use of.


Alternative activities:

(2 days)

Land reconnaissance – intuitively find the right place for you to live: geography, climate, soils, waterways, cleanliness, biodiversity, social aspects, potentials for growth, dowsing, protective measures for an intimate living on the land.

(2 days)

The predicament of a life gravitating around home, family values, personal freedom rights. Self-reliant healthcare, life education, fostering self-expression for every family member, time together, time alone, associations with, desociations from the greater society – finding balance.